WasH Plans

Our wash plans are designed to keep your vehicle looking great either weekly, biweekly, and even monthly. We include a good vacuum out and wipe down of all services. Then we give you a good exterior wash with our Maxifoam shampoo, clean all windows and give our SiO2 infused tire shine to keep your tires nice and clean as well as a quick cleaning of your rims.

Stage 1 Detail   |   $225+

This detail is a light interior and exterior detail. This detail will give you a vacuum and blow out on the interior. We use chemicals and brushes to get into all small areas and get a good deep clean. We also do spot extraction in carpets and seats. As well as a light exterior detail using our maxifoam soap, and cleaning of wheels and entire exterior of the vehicle. We do dress your tires with our SiO2 infused tire dressing, to give that just detailed look. This is a great package to get a vehicle that is already in good condition that is in need of a nice clean up inside and out.

Full Detail   |   $299

This Details starts off with our hand wash, with a Alkaline based soap gliding over the paint with a Maxi-Foam shampoo as well as a bug and tar remover to remove the maximum amount of contamination and create a beautiful shine. Wheels and Tires are then deep cleaned with a iron fallout remover and a premium wheel cleaner to remove all contamination and brake dust in the entire wheel area including but not only, wheels, tires, wheel wells and brake calipers. After those are finished we then apply our high quality 3 month silica sealant to protect and give your vehicle a mirror like finish. Lastly we hand dry with our highly absorbent drying towel. Then we move to the Interior, we start off our interior detail with a HEAVY vacuum as well as a compressed air blow out at 125 PSI. After the majority of the debris is removed from the vehicle the brushes, steam cleaners and extractors start up. Using our stain removers, extractors, and steam cleaners we bring all of the dirt, grime, and built up contaminants up and out of your carpets and upholstery. As well as cleaning out all leather with our special leather brush, and optional conditioning with a UV protectant. Lastly we move to the Engine bay. We start out our Engine bay detail with a heavy degreasing to loosen up surface contaminants. Then we use Alkaline based foam that is then scrubbed with 5+ different brushes to really get out any areas that may have not yet been cleaned out. After that is rinsed we use a very high quality SiO2 infused dressing on all plastics in the engine bay as well as exterior to give a shine and protection for months to come.

ALPHA DETAIL   |   $399+

This Package is our Full Detail with additional addons custom to each customer, we use a 1 year sealant, as well as all wheels are taken off with our complete wheels off detail. This allows us to really get into your wheel wells, wheel barrels, suspension, and brake rotors. As well as seats are removed and seats and carpets are deep cleaned. This is the perfect package for all car owners that are looking for their vehicle to be spotless and even better protected than before. We also have a few options that you can choose from we offer a standard 1 year sealant on this package, as we can offer up to 7 years of protection, as well as an optional quick polish all the way up to a paint correction service, we also offer a addition option of adding a undercarriage detail. Give us a call for more options and specifications on possible package options.